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Kisses from Heaven

A little over a year ago, I accompanied my mom to a meeting in North Vernon, Indiana. We went a little early in order to eat at this little restaurant she’d wanted to visit. We arrived at this little hole-in-the-wall place around 3:45 pm. As I surveyed the jam-packed restaurant, it became evident that there wasn’t a person seated that was under the age of 65. I also quickly noticed that no one was eating, but just sitting, talking and looking at the menu. I questioned my mom about what was going on and it was then that she explained that everyone there was waiting for the clock to strike 4:00 pm. That’s when they’d get the “Tuesday Special” which was 50% off any menu item for senior citizens. With my gray hair from chemo re-growth, I fit right in. But at that point, it all made perfect sense and if memory serves me right, they gave me the “Tuesday Special” as well.

We hadn’t been seated but a couple of minutes when a man walked up. He had a gray beard was wearing a red hat that read, “I love Jesus!” Without introduction, he blurted with excitement, “I have 3 jokes to tell you.” I looked at my mom and she was already looking directly at me with her eyes wide open. Honestly, I don’t remember the jokes. I was too overwhelmed. My dad! This is JUST like dad! It’s exactly what he always did and the hat! Dad never left the house without a hat that was a billboard for Jesus, dad never met a stranger and always has at least one joke or story to tell.

After he went back to his seat, I could hardly contain myself. It was like a kiss from heaven. Before we left, I thanked him and briefly told him how much he was just like my dad and as he held my hand, he said “We’ll all be together again one day.” I’m not sure if he was an angel or just a man God used that day, but either way I considered it as God  wrapping His arms around me at that very moment.

Life, Love & Cancer Ribbons,


I love and miss you dad!! ❤️

14 thoughts on “Kisses from Heaven”

  1. This was beautiful Amy. I know how it feels to lose a dad. I miss my daily especially around Christmas. This was his favorite time of the year. You are a true blessing. Love reading your stories.

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  2. Thanks, Lois!! I completely understand. My dad was a professional Santa for almost 10 years. I think Christmas from now on will always be a little difficult. 😘


  3. Loved your story and I get those kisses from heaven a lot and each time always feels like the first time. I pray that In stead of sadness this Christmas that you can begin to give out the same kind of Awe struck wonder that your daddy did to those around him, because you have so many things in comman with your daddy. Your sense of humor is a great gift to everyone who comes in contact with you. Not sure about if you tell jokes but I have always loved your humor and you never meet a stranger so I think you might not wear the suit this Christmas but you can certainly wear his legacy.. He wanted to make people smile and to experience the joy of the Christmas season all year long . He lived his life with purpose on purpose. I think you do the same. Love you my friend.

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  4. Oh Rita! You have no idea how what you said touched my heart and my tear ducts 🤪! My dad and I both wanted to shine the light and love of Jesus. We both wanted to glorify Him in everything we did and said. I love and miss you friend!!


  5. What a beautiful God Wink, Amy❣️❣️And memory with your, Mom… It brought to mind the song, “ When we all get to Heaven”… old hymn but so powerful…
    Love you 😘

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  6. “What a day off rejoicing that will be! When we all see Jesus, we’ll sing and shout in victory.” I was raised primarily in the Nazarene church, we sang that hymn a lot. I love you too!! 😘❤️


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