Words of Wisdom

I’m sure you can remember at least one time in your life when your parents gave you advice or what I like to refer to as words of wisdom. Words of wisdom that was usually derived from their own experiences that would give you an appreciation, awareness or new meaning in a particular area of life that you may not have obtained otherwise.

In response, if you were like me, you would nod or give some sort of positive acknowledgment that you were listening. But on the inside, you were giving an eye-roll, sighing and asking yourself just how long is this blathering was going to continue. Walking away, you quickly dismissed the conversation forgetting what was said and if you were completely honest, you were glad it was over.

Years later, however, it came back to you. Out of nowhere sometimes. You realized the words of wisdom was in essence, gold, that for a time you’d let slip through your fingers. What was once an eye-rolling of the heart becomes a form of regret. Regret that you hadn’t really listened and taken to heart what they were trying to give you.

Personally, I could give numerous examples of such wisdom, but one has come back to me over and over again. Throughout my life, dad would tell me this one in particular several times, but the first time was when I was 15 years old. Getting my driver’s license was just around the corner and I, much like all teenagers at that age, was counting down the days until I got my license. I went on to talk how I wished I was graduating from high school, going to college and getting on my own already. It was at that moment that my dad imparted the words of wisdom that would inevitably come back to me as the gold that had slipped through my fingers.

“Life goes by so fast and the older you get, the faster it goes.” The conversation didn’t stop with that one sentence though. Dad went on to tell me there is nothing you can do once time had passed. You cannot go back and re-live what is behind you, so enjoy the age that you are and don’t miss where you are in life wishing it away.

As time has went on, I’ve realized that dad knew exactly what he was talking about and I’ve regretted not taking to heart what he was giving me at age 15. Time really does go fast and faster the older I get. Becoming a mom emphasized even more just how fast it goes. In fact, it has felt like time passes with each blink of the eye.

So today, I’m passing on my dad’s words of wisdom to you. No matter your age or stage in life, live each day and don’t waste it wishing it away. Each day is a gift. No one is promised a tomorrow. Enjoy whatever age you are and secondly, enjoy those that live life with you. “Life goes by so fast and the older you get, the faster it goes.”

Life, Love & Cancer Ribbons,


4 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom”

  1. Wonderful words of wisdom, Amy. Thank you for sharing them with us. So true. I thank God for the very breath we have, and pray to appreciate the time He gives us.
    Praying for you 😘🙏


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