So Now We Wait

I arrived home late in the evening Friday night. Once I got home, I immediately unpacked, started laundry and then crashed. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday in bed just recuperating from the week.

So now we wait to find out if the cells collected are at least 70% viable. If so, I will be returning to Mayo Clinic in mid-May for the infusion of the genetically modified cells. If the cells collected are not 70% viable, it will mean another trip to Mayo for a second attempt at collection. Once we have the cells needed, my brother, Areon, is taking time from work to be with me as a Care Giver is required 24/7 for the 5-6 weeks that I will be at Mayo.

After the infusion, I may be hospitalized the first week in order to be closely monitored for side effects. The rest of the time I will be either be going to the hospital or a nurse will come daily to my hotel room to monitor me. Needless to say this procedure, like many, is risky but my hope is in Jesus and as long as I feel He’s leading me in this direction, I will follow. At the same time, I’ve asked Him to clearly shut the door if I am not to proceed.

One thing that really helped me in my time last week were the number of cards that I got to open every day!! They were so encouraging, filled with scripture and reminded me that I was being prayed for!!! I taped them to the wall of my room so I could see them and be reminded every time I passed by! I would LOVE to do that again. If you are interested in sending a card, let me know and I figure it a plan prior to me leaving.

I love each and every one of you so much!! Thank you for so the cards, texts, voice mails and letters! I will keep updating this blog as I get more information.

Love, Life and Cancer Ribbons, Amy

6 thoughts on “So Now We Wait”

  1. I would love to send a card, Amy! You are such an amazing person and you write so beautifully! Love you friend! 💕

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  2. Amy, my prayers are with you each step of the way. I would love to send you a card as a visible reminder of how much you are loved and prayed for. God’s blessings.

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