It’s A Go!

The T-cells collected at Mayo Clinic on March 23 were viable and are currently being genetically modified in a lab in New Jersey to identify, track and destroy the cancer cells once they are released back into my body.

In the meantime, because the previous chemo wasn’t effective at all, my cancer markers have increased quite a bit, 30% in my bone marrow to be exact, so a more aggressive chemo regimen is required to get the cancer under control and reduce the amount of cancer as much as possible prior to my return to Mayo Clinic on or around May 16th. So I’m getting both a 2-day IV infusion plus a weekly chemo shot until I head back to Mayo. Praying I don’t lose any hair because I’ll only be on it a short time.

Please continue to keep me in your prayers.

Love, Life and Cancer Ribbons, Amy

6 thoughts on “It’s A Go!”

  1. Amy, This is so exciting!! The miracles of modern medicine! You are going through so much. Your body is strong!! Praying for you as you move forward in your treatment plan!!

    Hugs and prayers,



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  2. That sounds very encouraging – Amy you continue to amaze me with your openness, love, caring and most of all faith! You are such a Godly person and I love and appreciate you!!! Prayers for you and your medical team continue!! You are LOVED!!

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  3. Donna, You are so kind and I love you dearly!! Thank you for your continued prayers and please include my brother, Areon, as he will be my caregiver at Mayo. 😘


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