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Day 6: An Unexpected Test

Since I arrived on Monday, I’ve developed what I thought was a severe sinus infection with very bloody sinuses and headaches. I’ve been trying to treat with Sudafed and saline nasal spray which wasn’t helping.

I finally called the dr and he sent me for a CBC blood test. The results showed that my hemoglobin is very low as are my platelets (which is probably why my sinuses are so bloody). Both of these counts show the effects of the cancer on my body. So I’m waiting to hear what the dr wants to do.

The highlight everyday is getting to open your cards!! Here are more that I’ve opened this week!

Love, Life and Cancer Ribbons, Amy

8 thoughts on “Day 6: An Unexpected Test”

  1. Praying for you to get the necessary care for your healing! Your cards show how much we care and continue to love and support you! May God bless you with His love, care and healing!

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  2. I love you so much sweet friend!! I definitely feel the love!! Thank you for your continued prayers from the bottom of my heart!! 😘


  3. Prayers for your body to get in line! In the name of Jesus we command that Amy’s sinuses are clear , that any cold, or infection trying to set on must go now in the name of Jesus! I declare that her body is healed, her body is whole and there will be no other attacks on her body in the name of Jesus. Lord we thank you for her courage, we thank you for her peace, for understanding, for peace and for quick answers to all questions going forward. In your mighty name we pray! Amwn

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